Go to:




Click on:  “Register”




Now fill in the information:



click continue




Now open the email and look for something from NeoBux.  The email may be in your junk or spam folder




Do a copy of the code in the center of the letter.


Paste the code into the Neobux screen above, put in the code and click “Final Registration”




You are now registered.  Login now login.

If you go to NeoBux by typing in the URL:


your screen looks like this.  Now click on Login



Not fill in your user and password.  You have not set up a second password so leave it blank.  Put in the security code and click on “submit”


Your screen will look something like this.  To get to the area to click on advertising click “View Advertising”.  The screen will look much like the one above.  Any ads that are highlighted can be clicked on.  A red dot will appear.  Click on it to get the ad to display.


To view and manage your account click on the user name.






















To place ads, click on “advertisements”


To rent referrals, click on “referrals”.  You will want to do this whenever you get $2-3 in the Main balance.  Be sure to keep at least several $ in the Rental Balance.  To take money out, click on “your payment”.  Spend some time and review the FAQ and forums. 


I will be putting more up later.  One thing I want to mension is that after you rent referrals click on enable autopay.  Keep tabs on the days left to expire the referrals.  Even with auto pay enabled they will time out.  You must extend them before the time out get to 0.